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D4D – DECOMMISSIONG FOR DIVING Industrial archaeology and offshore renewal

D4D – DECOMMISSIONG FOR DIVING Industrial archaeology and offshore renewal
From 05-06-2015 to 07-06-2015

In the ambit of our research programme CMAS A.CDCI. – Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques Federation ITA F07 – CMAS Diving Center Italia, we would like to introduce our new project Decommissiong for diving, Industrial archaeology and offshore renewal, focused on studies about sustainable reuse of offshore platforms. Our proposal, also following the successful experience of Paguro in the Adriatic Sea, is to preserve with safety criteria non dangerous structures, already repopulated by marine animals, plants and algas. Beginning with a catalogue of the old platforms, analysed on architectonical and industrial archaeological sides, we check the biological situation and we individuate diving zones and underwater ecological cases of scientific interest. Especially where the biodiversity show its extraordinary magnificence, we aim to introduce a new kind of tourism devoted to marine observation and collaboration in the ambit of underwater heritage tutela.

05/06/2015: Seminar D4D – 1st Session
10:00 G. Marchesini and V. Venturoli, A.CDCI. CMAS | Greetings and introduction
10:30 G. Bucci, A.CDCI. CMAS – UNIFE – UNIPD | Decommissiong for diving, Industrial archaeology and offshore renewal
11:00 L. Emanueli and G. Lobosco, UNIFE | Hyper-natural environments, Planning strategies for evolving landscapes
11:30 V. Melandri UNIFE and A. Ghiselli, UNIFE | Offshore life, alternative way to decommissioning in the Adriatic Sea.
12:00 Tiozzo Luca, UNIVE | Scuttling and decommissioning: a new way to repopulate the Northern Adriatic Sea

05/06/2015: Seminar D4D – 2nd Session
15:00 P. Ferraro, UA | The underwater world culture in multi-disciplinary contexts
15:30 Presentation of the book: G. Bucci, A.CDCI. Underwater Archaeology Handbook – A Smart Guide for Surveys and Investigations, SO.GE.SE. Editions, Bologna
16:00 A.CDCI. Staff | Scientific diving, professional certification
16:00 Photo and video session about offshore platform underwater biodiversity

06/06/2015 – 3rd Session (open event): Lesson onsite and Diving on Paguro, Ravenna Ref. G. Benini A.CDCI. CMAS

07/06/2015 – 4th Session (open event): Lesson onsite and Diving on North Adriatic wrecks Ref. Alessandro Tagliapietra A.CDCI. CMAS Ref. D. Mantovan A.CDCI. CMAS
A.CDCI. CMAS – Via del Pilastro 4
40127 Bologna

ISAMAR – Darsena Foce Adige Via Lungo Adige, 22
30015 Isolaverde Chioggia (VE)

centro dipartimentale di ricerca per lo sviluppo
UNIFE – Palazzo Tassoni – Via della Ghiara, 36
44121 Ferrara

Organised by
Federazione ITA F07 A.CDCI. Assoc. CMAS Diving Center Italia – Confederazione Mondiale Attività Subacquee

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The D4D Seminar is free and open to everybody who is interested on the following topics: Decommissioning, Diving, Cultural Heritage, Industrial Archaeology, Architecture, Nature, Biodiversity and Water.
The event has the collaboration of Sealine – Centro dipartimentale di ricerca per lo sviluppo dei sistemi costieri e del turismo, Dipartimento di Architettura – University of Ferrara – and Accademia Intrenazionale di Scienze Subacquee –